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Patty's Place Almost Heaven
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Chincoteague and Assateague Islands in Virginia

This is my favorite vacation place.I love it here.
It's located on the Eastern Shore,and
is in both Maryland and Virginia.
Here's a few links.Take a look for yourself.
The first link is for house rentals on the island.
The other two links are information links.

Vacation Cottages

Chincoteague Chamber Of Commerence

Guide To Chincoteague

It's not like the other beaches with miles of boardwalk.
Here you can spread out your beach towels and not
be touching the towels of the people next to you.


Sunset across the channel at Assateague Island.

Assateague Lighthouse
This was the way it was in the 70's

The above picture of the Assateague Lighthouse is
how it looked the first time I saw it.

Assateague Lighthouse in Virginia
It's changed a lot over the years.

Anna our grandaughter
Her first trip to the beach.


These are some of theChincoteague wild ponies.Every year there's an auction to sell some of the ponies to avoid overpopulation,and help with vet bills.
This auction has been covered by the "Today Show",as well as National Geographic.
One of the more well known people that bought a pony at the auction was Mark Miller of "Sawyer Brown."



Our son Lee,his wife Jody,and Anna.
This was the first time to the beach
for Anna,and her Mommy.


For the first few hours Anna
held her feet out of the water,
but by the end of the trip she
was loving it.

Anna is growing up way to fast.
This was July 2004