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Patty's Place Almost Heaven
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My Cat "Sheena"she's a Blue Persian, and our dog Taffy.

Does she look spoiled to you?

This is Sheena,she's a Blue Persian.
I bought her from my sister's, sister in law.
I thought $50.00 was a steal.
She's spoiled, and thinks she owns me lol.
She eats her cat food from her paw a piece at at time.
She's pretty unique.
If her food dish or water is empty she'll swat you to get your attention.
Thankfully she keeps her claws in.

This is Taffy Our Dog

We got Taffy at a yard sale.Someone was giving away puppies and she was just to cute to pass up.That was about 7 years ago.

She's such a good dog.

All her brother"s and sister"s looked like little beagles.

Here she is looking more like a Cocker.