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Patty's Place Almost Heaven
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Anna Jane Our Grandaughter
This is Anna Jane our grandaughter.She was born June 17,2000
She spent most of her first family reunion sleeping.
Her daddy took this picture of her while she napped.
It was taken in July just about a month after her birth.

Anna Jane
Her first family reunion 1 month old.

These are pictures of Anna at Christmas.
Her first Christmas, and her second Christmas.
She was watching her favorite show in the second picture"Barney."
I could'nt get her to look away,but it's still a cute picture.

Anna Jane
Anna's first Christmas 2000

Anna With Santa December, 2004
She's Growing Way Too Fast

Anna's Daddy decided to sketch her picture.
It turned out rather well considering he used
notebook paper.

Anna Jane about 3 months
What a smile!

Anna's 1st Halloween
Our little"Pumpkin"

Anna's first Halloween.
She really was'nt impressed.
She sure looked cute though.

Anna Jane
Christmas 2001

Anna Jane penciled sketch
Anna's Daddy sketched this from the picture on left.

Anna's 2nd Halloween
Our little "Lady Bug"

Anna's second Halloween was much better.
Here she is, our little lady bug.
She went trick or treating,and had fun.

Anna 3 years old
Anna Jane looking so grown up.

Anna loves to snowboard just like her Daddy.
Anna looks forward to the snow much like her Dad.
Her board ,and Daddy's are all waxed up and ready at the first snow.

Anna Snowboarding 2003
Balanced and Ready

Lee Catching Some Air
Look At That Blue Sky